Our new paper from the DAWNDINOS project on evolutionary biomechanics in dinosaurs and archosaurs is just out !

Cuff, A.R., Demuth, O.E., Michel, K., Otero, A., Pintoire, R., Polet, D., Wiseman*, A.L.A., Hutchinson, J.R. 2022. Walking—and Running and Jumping—with Dinosaurs and Their Cousins, Viewed Through the Lens of Evolutionary Biomechanics. Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Read all about it here

The latest paper from DAWNDINOS just landed – this is the project where I completed my first postdoc on evolutionary biomechanics of archosaurs. Our new paper – a big team effort from everyone – provides a lovely overview into the locomotory superiority hypothesis and what our team during the 5.5year long project accomplished! Which, of course, provides an insight into biomechanical modelling of extant and extinct species, some beautiful phylogenies and how we can test how an extinct species may have moved (such as estimating gait from footprints!)

Is this the end of DAWNDINOS? Yes and no. The project officially ended in March 2022 (boo!), but we still have lots more data and analyses in the pipeline, so keep your eyes and ears posted for announcements on future publications 🙂

New skeletal reconstruction of Euparkeria capensis by Oliver Demuth

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